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Intellectual Property and Licensing

Intellectual property is the most significant asset of the majority of hi-tech and emerging companies. Therefor the protection of the intellectual property and the trade in intellectual property rights is of utmost importance to our corporate clients. At LMA we work with our clients through the development phases and assist in planning the IP protection strategies, negotiate and draft agreement for trading and licensing IP rights and enforce IP rights in case of infringement.

We at LMA provide a full range of intellectual property law services, covering all components of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patent rights, design rights, trade and service marks, trade secrets, moral rights and sui generis rights.

IP Licensing and Distribution

The ultimate goal of developing intellectual property is commercialising it and using in trade by selling products incorporating the intellectual property, or licensing it to customers or other third parties.

The LMA staff is experienced in multinational licensing agreements, including software, hardware, trademark, content and OEM licensing. Our team follows each license agreement from its early stages and participates in the negotiation and drafting of the license agreements.

Often the intellectual property is sold via various distribution channels. In such cases we assist our clients (both manufacturers and resellers) in forming international distribution, import and export agreements, taking into account the laws of other jurisdictions that may apply to such a transaction.

Strategic IP Planning

At LMA we work with each of our clients in order to tailor the unique solution for licensing and protecting its intellectual property. In order to do so we study the technology developed by each client, since understanding the underlying technology is the key to maximizing the benefits provided by intellectual property laws.

Our services include advising on strategies such as OEM, joint development, which aspects of the development should and could be protected, choosing distribution channels and more.

Research and Development Agreements

Intellectual property is a result of investment in extensive R&D. Therefor, research and development agreements should be drafted in order to achieve and protect the resulting intellectual property.

The LMA staff assists our clients in developing an awareness to IP in all aspects of the corporations procedures and operations. We make sure that the IP developed by employees and consultants is properly assigned to the corporation, and that trade secrets are adequately protected by non-disclosure agreements.

In addition we negotiate and draft R&D agreements for joint development and manufacturing, agreements related to R&D funded by the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist, and the purchase and assignment of IP rights developed by third parties.

IP Litigation

Unfortunately, infringement of intellectual property rights has become common, and requires taking legal action in order to restrain the infringements and collect damages. We represent our clients whenever the enforcement of their rights is required, initially by sending cease and desist letters, and when needed in IP litigation.

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