About LMA -  אודות הפירמה

About the Firm

Founded in 2004, with headquarters in Jerusalem and offices in Tel-Aviv; Lapidot, Melchior, Abramovich & Co. is a growing, dynamic law firm, representing clients in the full range of transactions and cases involving business and hi-tech law, antitrust, IP, securities, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, as well as commercial litigation, taxation, real-estate, labor and environmental law. Over the past decade, the firm has represented a wide, diverse clientele, ranging from private individuals through small businesses to large and growing local, foreign and multi-national corporations and partnerships, based in Israel, the US, Europe and the Far East.

We deliver excellent, timely and cost-effective legal solutions, with emphasis on thorough investigation, meticulous planning, first-class performance and customer-oriented service.

We, at LMA, know that today’s business eco-system requires an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and needs, cross-border knowledge and experience at multi-national transactions, together with the ability to leverage and facilitate existing business ‘know-how’ and contacts, to support our clients’ business aspirations and to create new business opportunities. As such, our legal teams are selected and built based on their multi-disciplinary backgrounds, and home-trained to provide our clients with creative, dynamic legal and business solutions, tailored to their needs and customized to the markets in which they operate.

LMA is proud to be the Israeli member of Legus Law, an international network of high quality law firms located around the world.  Being a Legus member enables LMA to offer its clients cross border assistance, by introducing them to trusted lawyers around the world.

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