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LMA Launches New IP-Strategy, Management & Consulting Services

Lapidot, Melchior, Abramovich & Co. is expanding the services offered to the start-up community , to include Intellectual Property management services and consulting services in the field of IP as further detailed below.

The new IP services will be led and primarily provided by Dr. Bat Ami Gotliv, an experienced certified patent attorney (including 10 years at Teva pharmaceutical with key positions within Teva’s Global IP). Dr. Gotliv received her PhD in Chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science before completing a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Medical School of Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, USA.

Our IP support services encompass all aspects of IP strategy & analysis. Our aspiration is to work closely with the R&D and the business teams within the client’s organization, in order to formulate an IP strategy that will be aligned with the business goals of the client, and ensure minimal legal risk while maximizing potential return on investment.

We believe that the best results will be achieved in a service-model in which we will act as client’s in-house IP managers, oriented with clients’ business, marketing and development plans. As such, we will be able to participate in establishing and managing long-term IP strategies, while also providing a routine an ongoing overview and management of the client’s IP assets and needs. However, we will also provide services on a project-oriented basis (e.g. as part of due diligence processes, or in relation to a specific IP-related dispute).

This new service includes:

  • Tailor an IP strategy to fit the business goals;
  • Leverage of the client’s innovation into commercial IP-driven advantage;
  • Ongoing support to R&D teams regarding patent and design matters;
  • Patent portfolio management;
  • Identifying new patentable inventions and protectable designs;
  • Analysis and updates relating to competitors IP;
  • Mapping the IP field relevant to the specific business;
  • In-house workshops to encourage innovation and IP harvesting;
  • Conducting IP Due Diligence for investors and venture capital funds;
  • Initiating and supporting infringement/freedom to operate (FTO) analysis conducted by outside patent attorneys, and consulting on FTO strategies;
  • Communicate with outside patent counsels, and serve as client-side in drafting and maintenance procedures related to registered IP rights.
  • Consult on IP-related branding issues (including trademarks) and assist in creating a strategy for creating and maintaining IP-driven branding assets.
  • Register trademarks (including international applications) based on client’s established IP strategy.
  • Support client throughout dispute resolution processes related to IP rights.

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