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Labor and Employment Law

Israeli labor law is a complex set of statutory rules and regulations, interpreted in plenty of case law decisions. The LMA staff is experienced in advising management teams on all aspects of labor law, ranging from simple employment agreements to complex benefit plans, and from routine daily queries to complicated issues relating to employees’ rights in merger and acquisition transactions.

Employment Agreements

Although employment agreements are common agreements, drafting them requires special care due to the complex rules applying to them, and the disastrous outcome if they are not handled properly (e.g. if the intellectual property developed by a key employee is not assigned properly to the employer).

At LMA we prepare employment agreements applicable to a wide range of situations from standard employment agreements to agreements with top-management in publicly traded companies. Our expertise in the field of intellectual property allows us to pay special attention to the proper assignment of intellectual property and to confidentiality agreements with employees and consultants.

Stock Option Plans

Our taxation practice helps draft, implement and administer employee stock option plans (“ESOP”) and other equitable compensation plans, providing employees with reduced tax rates for the stock option grants. These services include structuring Israeli and foreign stock option plans, receiving the approval of the Israeli Tax Commissioner’s approval to the Israeli aspects of such plans.

Labor Law Litigation

Our litigation practice handles all aspects of labor law litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in employment benefits lawsuits, trade secrets and non-competition litigation, and protection of employees in bankruptcy and liquidation procedures. In addition, we are experienced in representing our clients in alternative dispute resolution procedures (such as mediation) that are quickly becoming a popular alternative for resolving labor law disputes.

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