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Taxation services

Maximizing profits requires careful tax planning prior to the structuring of any transaction. Our expertise in the fields of corporate financing and corporate law includes mastering the implications of different transaction structures.

In addition, we represent our clients in complex taxation issues, such as tax deferral in stock-swap transactions, employees stock option plans and taxation escrow services.

Tax Planning

Our business oriented tax planning begins at the pre-incorporation stage – choosing the incorporation jurisdiction and the incorporation structure, and continues throughout the corporate life (e.g. forming subsidiaries and establishing permanent establishments in other jurisdictions) until structuring the exit strategy in mergers and acquisitions. In forming foreign entities we cooperate with our overseas consultants and agents in the relevant jurisdictions and with well known accounting firms.

Special Taxation Services

Israeli taxation laws enable individuals and corporations certain tax benefits, but require strict compliance with complex regulations. Our firm provides the following services:

  • Escrow services approved by the Israeli Tax Commissioner, required as part of tax deferral arrangements in situations such as stock-swap transactions (deferring the tax payment until the received shares are sold).
  • As part of our labor law practice we help draft, implement and administer employee stock option plans (“ESOP”) and other equitable compensation plans, providing employees with reduced tax rates for the stock option grants.
  • We assist our clients in applying for special tax benefits for capital investments and R&D plans.

Real Estate Tax Planning

Our real estate practice includes careful planning of tax structures in order to benefit from the numerous tax exemptions or reductions in both simple and complex real estate transactions.

Tax Litigation

Our litigation practice handles both civil and criminal taxation cases. This includes litigation relating to all branches of taxation law – sales and value added taxes, real estate taxes, customs, and income tax.

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